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What kind of personal support does Evergreen By Design offer?

We provide the best in customer support. We not only take care of all your website needs quickly but you also get direct access to the person who setup your website via phone, email, one-on-one video appointments. We even provide personal video tutorials to your specific questions on operating your website. 

Do I have to pay for both website design and website management services?

No, these services are independent of each other, though Evergreen By Design HIGHLY recommends getting the management service so your website is always cared for by a professional!

What If I don’t have content for my website?

No problem! Evergreen By Design will create all your content for you! The only thing you have to do is give us a description of your business and we will take care of the rest!

May I use my own domain and hosting?

Of course! Evergreen By Design will design your website on your own hosting for only the website design fee. You will have to cover all costs for your hosting and domain. Check out additional services to add extra services!

Can I make my own changes on my website?

Yes! You have complete control of your website! Evergreen By Design provides a complete website editor with a drag-and-drop page builder and an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor to for your newsletters and articles!

Can I cancel my website management service plan?

Yes, You can cancel at any time! There are no termination fees! When you cancel your website management services you will be provided with all your website files and databases so you can get your website up and running on your own hosting.

Do I have to pay all costs upfront?

Yes and no. Website Design costs are all paid upfront before work can begin. You are entitled to a full refund within 30 days upon request. If you choose to purchase the website management plan your plan costs will start AFTER your website is fully designed and you approve it to go live! Once approved you will have to purchase the website management plan for your website to be published.

Do I own full rights to my website?

Yes, you own FULL rights to your website design! This includes design rights as well. Evergreen By Design DOES NOT IMPOSE any branding on your website either! Your website is strictly yours! Even if you are using our management services the website is still 100% yours to do with are you want.

How does your refund policy work?

Evergreen By Design will give you a FULL refund for any our website designs within 30 days no questions asked! If you request a refund past the 30 days refunds are solely given at the discretion of Evergreen By Design. Website management service refunds are given solely at the descretion of Evergreen By Design.

How long will it take for you to design my website?

Evergreen By Design can usually create your website within a week depending on size and amount of services you purchase.

Do I and others have complete access to our professional domain email?

Of course! Evergreen By Design will send an email with details on how to set up your professional email, which is a very simple process. Choose your own passwords and connect it to your favorite email app (such as Outlook, Gmail, or any other app you use).

What are Advanced SVG Graphic Design Animations?

This add-on will allow me to implement advanced eye-catching graphic animations! Our homepage implements this with several sections (our hero banner trees, welcome to Evergreen By Design new website image, we offer exceptional website design, responsive design, easy-to-use website editor section).

Do you really provide a fully integrated Email Marketing System?

Yes, this is a fully functioning email marketing system just like Aweber or Mailchimp. The difference is that this system is completely integrated into your website editor and works with your website! This is great for automated newsletters and articles, shop receipts, customer transactions, and much more! Compare Aweber and Mailchimp pricing for 10,000 subscribers which is $70/mo.

Can I get the Email Marketing System Without Website Management Services?

Unfortunately, you can not. The Email Marketing System is part of the website management plan. If you cancel your website management plan you will receive a file containing all your subscribers that you can upload to any other email marketing service.